About us

About PACE Services Inc.

We are a trusted, resourceful and experienced team of professionals. We are a family-owned and operated business with three decades of firsthand customer service experience in the hospitality, health care and retail industries. From our extensive experience serving individuals and companies, we recognized the dilemmas of busy people in modern-day overextended lives and those who are not able to complete all of their tasks on their own. Our unique advantage is our ability to work with a diverse age range of clients to meet their errand needs.

Our mission is to provide quality time-saving services with exceptional customer service to help our clients make their lives easier. And make the most of their time.

Our vision is for people in today's society to be able to slow down, relax and spend more time with their friends and families and enjoy leisure or personally fulfilling activities.

PACE Services Inc. provides most services directly. However for larger or more complex tasks, we have an extensive network of trusted and qualified service providers (Preferred Service Referral Network). Our network of partners, with whom we generally have long-standing relationships, meet our stringent screening criteria and offer exceptional services and/or products.

Our own company values and those of our referral network allow us to fulfill service and/or product requests that are ethical, moral, legal and being done with the best intentions to enhance an individual's life. Our core values are respect, trust, integrity and stewardship. We are a reliable and experienced team of professionals giving service to our customers the way we would expect it. PACE Services Inc. reserves the right to refuse questionable services.